Tips for showing to viewers

Here are a few tips on how to show your property to viewers:

Viewing a property

  1. Ensure that any dogs and cats are removed from the property if possible. Ask a friend to look after them for a couple of hours or secure them in a cage preferably out of sight.
  2. Put on all the lights in the house prior to the viewer arriving.
  3. Be welcoming when viewers arrive at the door and answer the door promptly.
  4. Remember that you are the expert on the property.
  5. Don't volunteer too much information and particularly do not draw any less interesting parts of the property to the attention of viewers. You may want to point out any particularly attractive features or views.
  6. Do NOT under any circumstances get into discussions about price with a viewer. We at McQueen Legal recommend that you simply tell the viewer that you are under orders to leave this discussion to your solicitors who are the experts in such matters.
  7. Always be positive about the property. If asked a question about a particular aspect; turn it on its head and spin it as a good thing.
  8. Relax and give the impression to viewers that you are unconcerned. You are not under any pressure to sell. If the viewer gets the impression you are in a hurry to sell, their offer will be less than it would have been.

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