Check your Will as law of succession faces major overhaul

McQueen Legal is urging clients to check their Wills as the law of succession saw its most significant overhaul in 50 years at the end of last year. Nobody likes to think about it, but with recent changes to the law on succession, then it is important to ensure your Will still reflects your true intentions

The fundamental changes to the legislation cover:

  • Wills after divorce, dissolution and annulment – under the new rules, any appointment of your ex as executor, or bequest to them made before divorce/dissolution/annulment, will automatically have no effect unless you state otherwise.
  • Sorting out mistakes – making it possible for the Court to rectify a Will in certain circumstances.
  • Revoking old wills – there are often instances where people write a will, then later write a new will, cancelling the old one. If the old Will was not destroyed it had the potential to be revived. Now, old Wills that are revoked, cannot be revived.
  • Situations where family members die together - eg where two people die in circumstances where it is uncertain who survived whom, each is to be treated as having failed to survive each other.

In many situations the changes in the law can be seen as a positive change. However it is vital that you regularly review your Will, should your personal or financial situation change, to ensure they still reflect your true intentions.

McQueen Legal are offering clients a free review of their Wills to ensure they reflect their wishes, given the recent changes in legislation. In addition, if changes are required, you will be entitled to a 10% discount on fees for the Will and any Powers of Attorney instructed at the same time.

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