How to keep burglars at bay

A recent study by the Co-op Insurance shows that ‘smart homes’ are a key deterrent to burglars and vital for keeping your home safe The study, conducted among a panel of ex-convicts, found that 89% of ex-cons would be put off targeting a smart connected home, with a further 67% stating they would steer clear of connected cars.

The top 10 deterrents for home thieves are:     

  1. CCTV        
  2. Sound of a barking dog
  3. Strong heavy doors        
  4. TV which is switched on           
  5. Locked UPV windows   
  6. Cars parked on a driveway      
  7. Overlooked property      
  8. Surrounding fences       
  9. Gates outside the property       
  10. Motion activated security lights         

 The top 10 deterrents for car thieves are:

  1. CCTV street camera
  2. Car alarm
  3. Street Lighting
  4. Cars parked on a driveway
  5. Newer car
  6. Older car
  7. Steering lock device
  8. Neighbourhood Watch areas
  9. Car parked on a dark alleyway
  10. Immobiliser

 As well as the obvious such as locking your doors whilst at home and keeping garden gates closed, it is worth considering installing CCTV cameras and motion activated security lights if you are worried about break-ins in your area. Also, be careful about actively posting photos on social media sites showing that you’re on holiday – this information can be easy to come across for opportunists.

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