Property purchase


You will:

  •  Contact us with your instructions to act for you;
  •  Give us your ID and the source of any money used in a deposit;
  •  Let us know if you are receiving any Gifted deposit;
  •  Let us know the details of the property you wish to offer for;
  •  Read the Home Report carefully to ascertain any issues;

We will:

 Note interest with selling agents (except if it is a fixed price);

 Obtain information about any other notes of interest or closing date set;

 Obtain a copy of the Home Report which we will briefly peruse for you;

 Advise on obtaining your own Survey Report and/or any other specialist investigations. We recommend your own report in many cases to protect your interests;

  •  Research recent sales data and advise you of the likely price you will have to pay;
  •  Prepare a letter of engagement detailing our Terms & Conditions;
  •  Prepare and lodge the offer for the property usually subject to survey so that you can be sure you can obtain your loan finance before missives are concluded;
  •  Notify you of the outcome and discuss any requests for an increase in the offer;
  •  Instruct any valuation you may wish to obtain and report on the outcome to you.  We obtain a 10% discount for you on the survey fee if our local Edinburgh surveyors can report.

If the property is advertised at a Fixed Price, it is in your interests to lodge an offer quickly. Fixed Price properties are generally sold to the first Purchaser lodging an offer at the fixed price and with an acceptable date of entry.


We will:

  •  Obtain an acceptance of the offer we have made on your behalf’
  •  Send you the acceptance and our proposed reply to obtain your approval.  This will only be issued once your loan offer is received;
  •  Obtain the Title Deeds from the selling agents;
  •  Obtain searches from the Registers of Scotland, the local authority, the Coal Authority and others;
  •  Prepare a draft Disposition transferring the property to you and the necessary registration forms for approval by the selling solicitors;
  •  Examining the titles and obtaining further information from the selling agents;
  •  Resolving any issues arising from the title examination and the searches provided;
  •  Examine any alterations documentation received and forward to the Home Report surveyors for confirmation that they are all in order;
  •  Receive a copy of the loan offer along with instructions to act for your lenders;
  •  Prepare the Standard Security and Land Tax forms and send them to you along with a draft note of fee showing the sums to be paid to us;
  •  Receive your deposit funds and fees not later than one working day before settlement;
  •  Receive the loan monies from your lenders;
  •  Receive the signed deeds transferring the property to you;
  •  Pay the purchase price to the selling agents;
  •  Settle the transaction and obtain authorising for you to receive the keys;
  •  Notify you that settlement has taken place;
  •  Notify HMRC and pay your land and buildings transaction tax;
  •  Send the titles to the Registers of Scotland to register your title and the security in favour of your lender;
  •  Let you have our discharged Fee Note.

New Build Property

At McQueen Legal our New Build Expert Team act on behalf of a number of clients purchasing a New Build Property directly from a builder. This requires a certain amount of expertise as there are many issues to consider when purchasing a New Build Property. It’s not the sort of purchase that you make regularly, so why don’t you come along and talk to a member of our New Build team who can offer you free expert advice and fully explain the process of purchasing your New Build property.

Thinking about selling?

FREE property valuation


Thinking about selling?

FREE property valuation