Transfer of Title

Things are forever changing and it is important to keep track of all your legal entities. Title deeds are the legal documents that show who owns a property. The title deeds contain the property owner's name, the area of land owned, and any responsibilities (or "burdens") associated with the ownership.

You may request a Transfer of Title if you wish to amend the owners name on the deeds. For example, if the deeds are in joint names and you wish to remove a name, or, if you wish to make someone else the joint owner. If you have a loan over your property, you will require the consent of your lender to this proposal.

You will:

  • obtain the authority of your lender to what is proposed;
  • instruct us to obtain the titles from your lenders;
  • give us your ID; and 
  • sign a Deed of Variation or other documentation required by your lenders.

We will:

  • prepare the Disposition transferring the property in accordance with your instructions;
  • prepare the Deed of Variation or other documentation required by your lenders and arrange for signature by all parties; and
  • register the deeds.

In Scotland, all title deeds are registered with Registers of Scotland who maintain the official record of land ownership for the country. If you don't have the title deeds for your property, they may be held by your lenders or, if we bought the property for you, possibly by us. If they cannot be located, we can arrange for copies from Registers of Scotland.

Remember also if your circumstances change to ensure you have an up to date Will in place.

Thinking about selling?

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Thinking about selling?

FREE property valuation