Smiling couple Whether you are in your peak and have just run a marathon, a new parent or are ready to retire, it is vitally important to have a Will in place.

Making a Will allows you to express your final wishes clearly, and without one you are leaving it up to the law to decide how your estate (your money, possessions and property) is passed on – and this may not be the way you wanted it.

At McQueen Legal we recommend that that all clients should grant a Will to ensure that their assets will pass to the persons whom they would wish to receive them. We are aware of a recent case where around £400,000 fell to the Government because the individual concerned did not make a Will. Do you really want the Government to receive all your assets? In addition, would you not also want to be able to choose who is your executor?

Everyone should have a an up to date Will, however those most at risk are:

  • parents with dependant children;
  • cohabitating couples;
  • separated couples; and
  • anyone who’s circumstances have recently changed.

McQueen Legal also offer a free service whereby our Trustee Company will be a backup executor for you. Unfortunately an executor you choose may die before you do, but our Trustee Company will never die.

Typical fees

  • Individual Will - £150 + VAT
  • Couples Will - £250 + VAT

If you wish us to arrange the preparation of a Will for you, please contact us.


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